Is that it? I don’t think so. Because the “Agile Testing Days”-conference takes place online this year, there is the possibility to watch the replays of talks you missed. I’m very happy about that and I will do a last recap after this weekend.

But let’s recap the 3rd day:

Beyond the bugs – by Rick Tracy

I don’t know how often I heard the sentence “Testers are here to find bugs”. Rick underlined  that this profession is more than about finding bugs. We can even measure our impact on the (business) value. I will be using lots of his arguments and ideas into my next conversation with managers and other non-test-professionals.

Introducing psychological safety in a tribe – by Gitte Klitgaard and Morgan Ahlström

Introducing psychological safety in teams or organizations is a journey not just one project – action. There are a lot of steps and actions that can be taken during this journey.

Preventing Burnout in the Tech Industry – by Raj Subrameyer

Based on the idea that burnout occurs because you’re burdening yourself too much, Raj taught us which planning- and mindfulness hacks we can use to prevent a burnout. For me it was a good reminder and got also a few new ideas how to focus better and get more productive without being overwhelmed.