Day 2 at the Agile Testing Days was quite a blast. I truly love real life stories that show how things turned out.

Here is my (mostly visual) recap of day 2:

Called to save the day – by Amit Wertheimer

This is the story how Amit tried and succeeded to “fix” a QA-Team. At the beginning, he found a lot of wrong things but with the right measures, step by step, he managed to form a performant and happy team.

Make meetings work – by Joep Schuurkes

One of the challenges I’m dedicated most of the time in my daily work is how to make meetings more efficient and satisfying for the attendees. Joep Schuurkes taught us a lot of things we should consider before, during and after meetings, so that those are not a waste of time.

8 Bit Pro – A gamer’s guide to testing – by Dan Billing

What a wonderful and interactive way to show the parallels between gaming and testing. I never thought about it in that way, but now I can tell why I became a tester, regarding my love for e-games in the 90s. I just wanted to take it to the next level 🙂

Behaviour Driven Development and Continuous Delivery – by Lisa Crispin

An interactive talk which showed us how BDD can enhance CD and vice versa. Using Example Mapping, the right conversations and sharing understanding between the “three amigos” are only a few examples for things to be used while practicing BDD.
At this point again a high recommendation to read the passage about this topic (and not only that 🙂 ) in the book “Agile Testing” by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory.