As every year, I’m participating at the Agile Testing Conference.
Usually it takes place in Potsdam – Germany, but this time, for known reasons, it is held online. The fun is not fewer and already seen some inspiring and interesting talk.

Here is a brief (mostly visual) recap of the first day

1.) It is always about you – by José Diaz
(Spontaneous placeholder for Daniel Maslyn).

The talk is about Jose’s own life story and was told very personally. How he shaped his values ​​and principles from the blows of fate of his childhood and youth and the advice of his (obviously very wise) mother and how those influenced his life.

2.) Being a tester after trying almost everything else – by Joao Proenca

He tried nearly every discipline an ideal crossfunctional team in the agile software industry should have. This talk was mainly about what he learned from each of those jobs and how the learnings helped him to become a good “Quality owner” in the current position.

3.) Being fully you – by Gitte Klitgaard

How can I be authentic and “professional” at the same time? How can I be happy and mentally healthy being myself in almost every situation. Very inspiring and catchy talk from Gitte, which is why I did not fully graphicallly recorded this talk.

4.) What Leaders need to know to succeed with agile testing – by Janet Gregory

Being a leader in the agile world is not that easy nowadays. Janet talked about how we can help to get them all (or the right ones) the Information needed, how to involve them meaningfully in our work and how we can build trust in our work and through that in our product.